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Architectural History

By | 10th May 2018

Architectural History
David Slade
Meet on 3rd Wednesday in Month
From 10 to 11.30am
Venue: Guild Hall, Cheadle

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The meeting for Wednesday 18th March has been postponed to protect your health.

The Architectural History Group welcomes anybody who has an interest in knowing more about architecture and the social conditions that influenced the form of the architecture. The presentation will be by projected images with an explanation about each digital image, including videos where appropriate.

History of Architecture is taking a short break, but we shall return in September. My thanks to all the lovely folk who turn up each month regularly and don’t go to sleep, without you I would be talking to myself.

September is not far away now so as a taster we will be looking at the Tudor period, which includes Elizabethan as a sub section. Henry VIII closed the monasteries when he fell out with the Pope and acquired their wealth as the Treasury was broke. He then sold their land to his supporters and so begun a massive rebuilding programme of fine houses for the rich. It also happened to be a socially settled time, following the terrible Wars of the Roses and consequently houses, colleges, and civil buildings were built due to the growing wealth of the country. Elizabeth ruled for many years which added to the stability and England grew as a world power which all contributed to the wealth of the country and the appearance of many fine buildings to talk about. I have some splendid videos to share with you so I hope you can spare the time to learn about the Tudors.

If you feel this would be of interest to you we have plenty of room in the Guild Hall and would be pleased to see you.
Meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10.00 to 11.30 in The Guild Hall, Cheadle.

David Slade MA(Hist of Arch) RIBA DPAGB

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01538 702004