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Card Craft

By | 4th May 2018

Card Craft
Stella Heritage
 Meet Tuesdays every fortnight
From 10:00 to 12:00
(confirm dates with Stella)
Venue: Cricket Club, Cheadle

Email Group Leader
01538 702097

Stella Heritage guides members through the techniques involved in this most decorative craft..

The group meets fortnightly in the Cricket Club on Tuesdays from 10.00 – 12.00

Stella would like everyone to save their old cards and pass them on to her. The cards are recycled using the fronts only. The backs are sometimes used to make small boxes.
The recycled cards are sold and the proceeds go to charity. The coffee mornings in the Guild Hall are a good time to see her.
So if you think you have suitable cards please save them for Stella.

If you would like to join the group ring 01538 702097 or  Email Group Leader .

Our Card Making Class at the U3A!!

You’d be surprised what ladies do
When armed with scissors, card and glue
Their masterpieces greet the eye
For “Cards ‘R’ Us” we hear them cry.
We have been known to stamp a lot
But not in anger! – embossing’s hot!
With heat-gun, powder, silver, gold
We produce cards glorious to behold.
Encaustic wax and tea-bag fold
Imagination soon takes hold
They snip, and stick, create with glee
Embellishments – a sight to see!
D├ęcoupage is a wondrous art
More cutting, sticking, part-by-part
With layers, building bit-by-bit
Until completed – what a hit.
For hand-made cards we have a name
And “mentions” in the Hall of Fame
Birthdays, Thankyous, Get Well Wishes
More satisfying than doing dishes
Ribbons, feathers, buttons too
Are used creatively its true
Iris folding – there’s a surprise
Paper folder before your eyes.
Whose anniversary is coming next?
We’ll make a card, and find a text
With lace and peel-offs by the score
And glitter too – we smear the floor!
Made into a magic card
It wasn’t really very hard
Follow instructions, read them through
You’ll be surprised what YOU can do.

Stella M Heritage 2016