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Walking Netball

A fun no running, no jumping and non contact sport for all. Come along and try it.

Country & Western

Country & Western Peter Moss 2nd and 4th Monday in Month /14:00 – 16:00 01538 752417


Please check with Val before attending ANY meetings

The Green Fingers Group.

Digital Photography

Meets on Friday every week.

We have a lot of fun exploring the wonders of digital manipulation using Adobe Photoshop Software.

Art Club

Meets on Friday every week.

Art Club for those of you who are artistic. If you use charcoal, acrylic, watercolour or any other media and would like to carry on a project, seek inspiration, discuss, experiment or just want feedback about what you want to do then you are welcome to come along and do just that.

Sugar Craft

Meets on Friday every week.

Sugar craft is not just a sweet hobby, it is a very useful skill that enables one to craft in other materials too.

French Improvers

: ‘Notez, s’il vous plaît, que si vous voulez nous joindre, il vous faut avoir au moins deux ans d’expérience dans la langue. Ça suffira, même si c’était il y a plusieurs années.’