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French Intermediate

This group is for those who have a good grounding in French and will be reasonably comfortable using the language.

Parchment Craft

The art of Parchment work is over 6000 years old and in its modern form is a wonderfully artistic way of making decorative objects, greeting cards and the like.

Singing for the Untuned

This is a group for people who love singing, but do not want to sing alone. We sing popular songs, together, with no solos, and main to have a laugh and fun. This is not a serious activity!

Architectural History

The Architectural History Group welcomes anybody who has an interest in knowing more about architecture and the social conditions that influenced the form of the architecture. The presentation will be by projected images with an explanation about each digital image, including videos where appropriate.

Pub Strolls

This activity is for those of us whose mobility is somewhat impaired and for whom a walk of much more than two miles would be too much.