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By | 29th March 2019

More About E-bikes by Peter Lamb

I would like now to target the ‘not so young’ ex cyclists who have cycled in the past and might consider taking up this great sport again.

When I have asked around, I’ve received various replies such as:

I don’t feel safe nowadays, especially on the main roads.
I’ve not ridden for years and couldn’t manage the hills.
I would love to start again but I’m not sure what bike to buy and if it would suit me.

Let me try to answer a few of your doubts.

First, our group, (we call ourselves the “Wrinkly Riders”) tend to arrange rides that use traffic free trails, although occasionally, we do have to cycle short distances on roads. This is stated by the ride leader a couple of weeks before we commence the ride. Each ride normally gives you the option to do a short or longer ride during the day. The maximum we would usually do, is about 20 miles. This seems a long way but when you consider that we ride at a gentle pace (we’re not the LYCRA group) it probably takes about 3 hours max. If we encounter hills then the e-bikers stop for the other members. The ethos of the club is that we all go at the pace of the slowest member. Plenty of coffee breaks where possible.

The second point. Hills, this is where the e-bike scores. It you have done your research into E-Bikes (see my previous page) you will have no problems at all with any that we are likely to meet as a group.

This leads me to the final comments.

I am thinking of arranging a “Try an E-Bike” day at Oakamoor in conjunction with my friend Alex at Newcastle E_Bikes.

During the day each participant would be able to use an E-Bike to cycle along a traffic free trail for about 3 miles. They would be accompanied by one of our club members who would explain on route, the functions of the bike etc.   There is no charge for the cycle. Whilst we are having a break at the Ramblers Retreat then would be the time to bombard us with your questions.

This offer is open to any Cheadle U3A member whether they have a bike or not.

If there is a lot of interest shown I could probably do this over 2 days to accommodate everyone.

This is a great opportunity to try out an E-Bike actually on a trail and not on a shop’s car park.

If anyone is interested, feel free to email me so that I can work out a day to suit. It will not be at a weekend because the trail can get busy.

Email:       phclamb21@hotmail.co.uk

Peter Lamb – March 2019

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