By | 11th November 2018

An Update to Using an E-bike by Peter Lamb

Here I am again with some more news and advice on the E-bike. After riding many miles on my first E-bike I began to realise what was needed in order to tackle some of the more hilly routes with the U3A cycling group. I began to see that the motor (250 watt) on the first bike had insufficient power to tackle some of the hills, so after some hard saving I decided to sell the first bike and go for a more powerful 350 watt one. I’ve now had the bike 3 years and managed to ride 3492 miles on her (I tend to log each ride for future reference).

So, what conclusions have I drawn from these great four years? I’ve tried different bikes and, as a comparison, it’s true what they say  “you only get what you pay for”  There are some great E-bikes out there but you have to pay the price. There are others out there that are not so good. I understand that people, who opt for a Chinese E-bike, have trouble getting parts for it when a breakdown occurs. There is one on the market that has no gears but relies solely on its electrics. From my experience this wouldn’t be sufficient on a reasonable hilly ride. The bike needs to have some assistance otherwise the range that the battery can give would be very limited.

In my opinion don’t expect to get an E-bike on the cheap, not unless you can drop on a good used model.

You have to ask yourself, “what kind of cycling am I going to be doing?”  If it’s just scooting around town then fine, don’t waste your money on an expensive bike. Myself, I enjoy going out with the “Wrinkly Riders” and slowly and surely we’re going electric which means that we can start looking at more challenging rides.

Anyone interested in regaining their youth then come and join us where we’re only glad to give you some help in going electric.

Peter Lamb – November 2018

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