Modelling/Model Making

By | 10th May 2018

Model Making Club
Vaughan Williams
 Meet 1st and 3rd Wednesday in Month
From 10:00 to 12:00
Venue: Freehay Village Hall

Email Group Leader
01538 753 172 or 07745 562 341 

We are a group of people who gather together twice a month to look at and discus about all aspects of model making and engineering, trains, boats, planes, trucks etc.

We also discuss “Thingames”,  “Whatsits”,  and “ Whatdoyoucallits” in metal, plastic, wood, for repair or solving a problem.

Some members make models set in diaramas which never fail to impress, we have radio controlled trucks with lights and sounds, the same is true about wood carvings that have been produced.  If there are any ladies that would perhaps like to join us you would be very welcome (Dolls Houses) ?

Please come and join us for a couple of hours in a relaxed and friendly setting, plenty of cuppasand biscuits! We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month 10.00—12.00 at Freehay Village Hall there is  plenty of parking. You will all be very welcome.

Contact Vaughan on   01538 753172   or  mbl 07745 562 341