Modelling/Model Making

By | 10th May 2018

Model Making
Allan Webster
Wednesdays 1st and 3rd in Month
Venue: Vivienne Shelley Dance Studios

Email Group Leader
01538 752071

Allan is here to help those of you who have a model making project .He will also help those who would like to have a project but don’t know where to start.
Metal work is Allans main expertise. Other modelling mediums are within his expertise too.

Current members have expertise for models in plaster, landscapes for background or plinths, or settings for models, motor bike restoring, Sculptoring.

If you have something you would like to restore or repair, join this group for the motivation and expertise to help you achieve the satisfaction of doing a good job.

The class is held fortnightly and available to all Cheadle U3A members.
Pop along and see him there for advice and encouragement.