Travel Group

By | 17th March 2019

Travel Group
Pammie Mellor
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The U3A trust does not provide any insurance cover for holidays so personal travel insurance is essential. Without insurance members will be travelling at their own risk. Any member not willing or able to take out personal travel insurance will not be able to book.

I organise holidays, day excursions and theatre trips for members of Cheadle U3A. I will be sending out information to all members, who have an email address, every time I have a trip or holiday planned, this way everyone can see all information concerning travel possibilities, if there is someone you know, who does not have an email address, could you please let them know, if and when you see them, so they can be kept up to date.

I will also be at the coffee mornings (holidays permitting) where members can seek out further details, or ask any questions.