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Ukulele Group

By | 11th May 2018
UKE3A – Cheadle Ukulele Group
(Meet every Thursday from 10:00 to 12:00 at the Guild Hall, Cheadle)

Venue: Firestation Community Room, Cheadle

There is now a separate Banjo Ukulele group. This is an offshoot of the main Ukulele group but caters specifically for Banjo Ukulele enthusiasts. It meets on the third Monday of each month in the Community Room of Cheadle Fire Station from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

The Ukulele group was formed in October 2012 with 10 members and now has over 40. At the present time (October 2017) there is a waiting list but anyone interested in joining should contact Barry to discuss the situation.

Practices are held in the main hall of the Guildhall every Thursday from 10 am to 12 noon with a break in the middle. One of these practices is a free-and-easy Singalong using a projector where members can ask to try out new songs or simply enjoy singing old favourites. The other practices are more formal where we try to polish numbers ready for performance. There are some changes to this schedule in the summer months to allow for holidays. This is a performing group and there is an expectation that members, when sufficiently experienced, will support the group when we go out to entertain people.

We play mostly the nylon-stringed wooden ukulele though several members play the Formby-style banjo ukulele. These latter instruments are used alongside the wooden ukes for some numbers though a specialised banjo ukulele section has recently been formed.

In response to the need ‘Short Courses’ of basic instruction are given to groups of absolute beginners. These run for 4-6 weeks only, outside of normal practice times. From time to time ‘Improvers Workshops’ are also held.

Song sheets are prepared by the Group Leader, often with much help from other group members. These are made available through the Dropbox system and members receive instruction on how to access songs and print off their own copies.

The group is led by Barry Barnett though he is assisted by several members for different aspects of the group’s organisation.


Barry can be contacted on 01538 755796 or by e-mail on:  Email Group Leader


The group performs regularly for other local U3As, churches, charities, WI groups, local organisations, hospitals, and occasionally private functions. In concerts we often invite guest artistes to perform with us. We encourage our audiences to sing along with us and we provide a Songbook with the words of our songs to enable this interactive fun to happen.

This was our first gig at the U3A Afternoon Tea event in January 2013. Happily we have been asked to do many more since then. If you are interested in joining then please make contact with Barry in the first instance using the contact details above.

This photo was taken of the group at a very recent gig in August 2016 at Rudyard Methodist chapel for the entertainment at the close of their Flower Festival. 26 members of the group took part and our guest artiste for the evening was Sarah Williams.

This is a (slightly) more organised group photo taken in March 2017. We now have around 40 members in the main group. We meet most Thursdays apart from holidays. We also have a separate ‘Banjo Ukulele Section’ which meets once per month. The group is open to newcomers though you should be willing to sing, play (or learn to play) and show sufficient commitment to the group to join in performances. We do have a lot of fun!